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Kingship Tussle: Olushi Olugbesa Appeals To Lagos Gov To Stop Oluomo From Coming Near Throne

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Lagos States Chairman of the National Union of Road Transport Workers (NURTW), Musiliu Akinsanya, popularly known as MC Oluomo, trended on social media and even conventional news media all through the week on account of a raging controversy over his eligibility or otherwise for the kingship of his native Oshodi community in the West Senatorial District of the state.

It all started when a picture of Oluomo in royal regalia went viral leading to mixed reactions.

Expectedly, the mere thought that the transport union boss could even be considered, or that he could consider himself, as a potential monarch, sent tongues wagging. But the main subject of discussions was his eligibility to the throne.

Even the royal family issued a statement, calling on the state government to step in and stop Oluomo from even coming near the throne. However, it is obvious that Akinsanya’s supporters are not about to be caught napping.

They were quick to establish the fact that he is an Awori from Oshodi, adding that his grand-uncle, Seidu Akinsanya, was a Baale in Oshodi some decades back.

Speaking on the controversy at the weekend, an associate of Akinsanya’s, said: “The funny thing is that Musiliu is not the one talking about wanting to be Oba in Oshodi. It is the people that are asking him to vie for the Obaship of Oshodi.”

But the Olushi Onigbesa royal family of Oshodi has appealed to Governor Babajide Sanwo-Olu of Lagos State to stop Oluomo from becoming the Oba of Oshodi.

The Head of the Olushi Onigbesa royal family, Kabiru Eyantan, said the ongoing controversy can “cause communal crisis, breakdown of law and order and bloodshed in Oshodi community.”

He added that the Olushi Onigbesa royal family of Oshodi land is the only family eligible and entitled to the stool of the Oba of Oshodi. According to him, Akinsanya is not a member of the family and has no right to the Oba of Oshodi stool.

Debunking Eyantan’s claims, a prominent politician in Oshodi said “people will always say different things to prove their point at a time like this. We are all from Oshodi and we know the stories. All this royal family talk will soon be cleared once the people insist on what they want. We are one family in Oshodi and we know ourselves. In fact, on Sunday, we will address the press on this matter so that you all will know the truth and why some people are opposing the people’s choice.”

Hopefully, the union leader and not some surrogate would be the one doing the talking; a clear case of hearing from the horse’s mouth.

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