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The Incredulous, Shocking Teachings Of Mummy G.O


Jan 8, 2022 #Mummy G.O

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If you are a football star, comedian, or you do break dancing, wear jeans or a dress with the Star of David, or maybe you have taken the COVID-19 vaccine, you are a sinner on your way to hell.

Welcome to the incredulous world of Evangelist Funmilamilayo Adebayo aka Mummy G.O, writes Chinyere Okoroafor

The slim, dark woman in a blue gown, matching headgear, a black jacket and horn-rimmed glasses rested her right elbow on the high lectern at the church pulpit before speaking into the microphone in her hand.

“Anyhow that you cut your hair and your scalp shows,” she told her congregation, “it is a sin.”

For emphasis, she approached a man in a purple shirt with a white collar who quickly stood up cuddling his bible.

Pointing at him, she turned to the congregation again and said: “Do you know that the way this man cut his hair is a sin?

And then she approaches another, and another, convicting them all of sin for their style of hair.

This is the world of the rave of the moment Evangelist Funmilamilayo Adebayo aka Mummy G.O, the General Overseer of Mountain of Solution in Ogun State.

Adebayo’s sermons have sparked controversies and inspired hilarious memes on social media following what many consider her incredulous teachings on sin and hell.

Who is Adebayo?

Speaking about herself, she said: “I used to be a super agent of the devil by training for 300 years in the deep sea.”

She once said she was originally a man in Egypt, Northern Africa but eventually died in a war.

She added that she was reborn in Nigeria after she was trained and sent for an industrial training (IT) in Egypt.

How she came to limelight

It is not clear when her sermons began courting controversy.

Some have said the preacher first caught the attention of social media users in 2021 with her rendition of the song ‘Kpatakpata.’

But checks from The Nation showed the singer in that video was not Adebayo.

Among Adebayi’s viral messages is one where the clergywoman said break dancing originated from the land of the dead.

In that video shot inside her church, a large white projector showcased a break dance video while she explained what break dancing meant

“Where did break dancing generate from? Michael Jackson. He got power from the dead land. What is the land of the dead? Skeleton. Skeleton is not for the living. If you break dance, you’re telling God you’re dead,” Adebayo said.

In another video, the preacher claimed that all footballers are going to hell and all men on skin shave cut are also candidates of hell fire.

In yet another, she claimed that people who use ATMs and MasterCard have successfully bought a free ticket to hell.

The clergywoman also claimed in another video that the US-based company Walt Disney projects the number 666 in the design of its name with 666 being the biblical mark of the Antichrist as widely held by Christians.

On the COVID-19 vaccine, she said in another video that those who take the vaccine should never anticipate heaven.

She also stated that antibiotics is dangerous and that Indomie noodles is a food dedicated to idols.

“You can eat other noddle but Indomie is highly polluted,” she claimed.

She has become a top trend on Twitter for sentencing jeans, perfume and necklaces wearers to hellfire.

Even comedians who light up moods are not spared of her hellfire, so also cartoonists. In her world, merely wearing a shirt emblazoned with a star condemns one to damnation.

Nigerian celebrities.

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