Osun On The Right Path Of Governor Adeleke’s Rebuilding Efforts

Momodu Joins 2023 Presidential Race


The Chief Executive Officer of Ovation Magazine, Dele Momodu has expressly declared his intention vying for the Presidency ahead of the 2023 elections.

Momodu revealed this on Monday during a live interview on AriseTV monitored by Adulawonews

According to him, “he is better prepared due to his tutelage under the late MKO Abiola and his previous experience at vying for the Presidency under the National Conscience Party.”

“I am very ready to run for the President of Nigeria due to the complexities of running a heterogeneous country like Nigeria.”

“I have studied the template of MKO Abiola and the problem is that we have leaders who are not accomplished which is the crux of the problems.”

“I am tired of lamenting which is what every.Nigerian does. I contested in the platform of the NCP, 11 years ago and the lesson I learned was that I was in an inferior position due to the status of the party; this experience made me better-prepared,” Momodu said

In response to his chances of winning the ticket on the platform of the Peoples Democratic Party amid heavyweights such as Atiku Abubakar and Bukola Saraki, Momodu stated that the party would brainstorm on the most eligible candidate who will increase its chances of winning in 2023.

He also stated that there was a need to unify the country in order to make governance easier while criticisinh President Muhammadu Buhari over his alleged emasculation of Vice President Yemi Osinbajo which led to the appalling state of the economy.

“Politics is about elimination and the party will narrow it down to the most eligible candidate that will increase its chances of winning. Nigerians must learn to do things differently and they are so afraid that those who have amassed wealth will use it against them.

“The best way to change this mindset is to ensure a paradigm shift towards uniting the country.

“I never quarrelled with PMB; I proffered solutions when he came into power — I didn’t expect him to know about the economy but rely on his team but his VP was emasculated which led to the current disunity in the country. This was why I started supporting Atiku but the reason I am running is that people might say I didn’t offer my candidacy.

“The issue is not about getting PVCs yet but getting the right candidates.

“We need to entrench meritocracy irrespective of their tribe and religion but most politicians lack the patience to discover such brains,” he said.

Momodu also questioned the recurrent removal of subsidy, expressing his skepticism while proffering solutions out of the malaise.

“This is one of the issues that needs to be addressed; it is difficult to understand what the subsidy is when previous governments have always removed yet it is still there.

“We must jettison the idea of refining crude oil abroad which was part of the pledge made by PMB which is why the subsidy issue confuses me. The only way is when we know the exact price being imported and until we resolve these issues, the issue of subsidy will not end,” he said.

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