Osun On The Right Path Of Governor Adeleke’s Rebuilding Efforts



Feb 17, 2022

_“No one is more hated than he who speaks the truth”_ —Plato.

This Saturday, Osun State chapter of All Progressives Congress (APC) will begin its “final rite of passage”, though the burial may happen on July. It’s a pity that the party after 12 years may return to the opposition who only had track record at of epicureanism: “eat, merry and die”.
If there is one prayer I have, I would want the party to continue in power, but quite pathetic, the incumbent governor Isiaka Oyetola who is taking another shot at the mandate seems to have relied on the failed miracle of Iyiola Omisore that could not save Prince Olagunsoye Oyinlola, while he was fighting the legal war of his political career against Rauf Aregbesola.
Besides, the sprawling violence that is being witnessed in Osun now, particularly against the property and supporters of Aregbesola has manifested the same political pattern of Omisore in his hey days as a chieftain of Peoples Democratic Party. However, I have no locus to accuse the Ife born once upon a power politician , because he has cleverly removed himself from picture of raging political imbroglio, but the supporters of Oyetola appear to have made up their minds to go alone into the Governorship election in July.
It is obvious that the party structure would be coerced to vote for Oyetola, because the State treasury is available to buy any vote, and the committee that would conduct the Primary would be guided and be made “comfortable” at the Government House. The clandestine talk would be “we must disgrace Aregbesola at all cost, because the die is cast”.
The committee would then announce the winner to be Oyetola after a couple of rigmaroles, and there would be a staged jubilation and pejorative songs of attrition against Aregbesola.
Meanwhile, radio, television and social media would be flooded with “defeat” of Aregbesola; media aides would be working phone to ensure that stories of how Aregbesola was defeated would be splashed, and virtual fat envelopes would be wired to the editors in Lagos/Ibadan axis. That is part of the “songs of service” for the burial of the party in July.
However, Moshood Adeoti, the founding Chairman of the Party, as well as the immediate past Secretary to the State Government who is the other governorship aspirant favored by Aregbesola would proceed to court to challenge the election, and fault the membership of Oyetola in the National Caretaker Committee, the argument would largely be premised on his (Oyetola) being a judge in his own case.
Let it be known that Aregbesola is a marathon runner, a status he had once demonstrated for three and half years.
While the opposition is busy organizing and mobilizing, Oyetola and the party would be bugged down by the legal war, and the APC without political enthusiasm would be left at the mercy of bitter division and vote trading.
President Muhammadu Buhari is not bothered about the fortune or misfortune or any party, he looked away in Edo State, while Oshiomole and Asiwaju Bola Tinubu were humiliated by his successor, who ran to the opposition for mercy, and he was unconcerned when Tinubu/Ajimobi’s candidate was annihilated in Oyo State. Buhari did not bat the eyelid when Governor Akeredolu relegated Tinubu’s candidate. So, he would not talk or call anyone to a meeting as touching Osun.
Aregbesola would retake the defeated APC in Osun, and begin to provide leadership, Chief Bisi Akande would retire cowardly to his country home, and Tinubu’s Presidential candidacy would eventually suffer incalculable relegation, because the northern caucus would argue that he has no region to bargain, and that he stands no chance of winning the general election.
In that case, Osun would determine how far Tinubu will go in his lifelong ambition, and as it stands, the situation is being badly managed. He is fighting on the side of his younger brother, Oyetola against his once upon the most loyal lieutenant to the detriment of his Presidential project. And when the project crumbles, that would mark the expiry date of political “empire” in Nigeria. The rest would be left for history.
As for the future of APC in Osun, just like Oyo, the party would temporarily proceed to political “Siberia”, local governments would be dissolved, state executive would fizzle out, government properties would be recovered; civil servants would expose documentation to the new administration, some guys would be invited by Economic and Financial Crime Commission. And the State Chairman of the Party and his executive would go broke fast.
Oyetola would return to his business in Lagos, and some of his Commissioners would change loyalty to the new financier of the party. Then Oyetola would be called names, some would even rain curses on him for not resolving the matter while it could still be managed. The truth would come out, but it would be too late.
I pray this will not happen, but those who will become first set of victims are the ones fueling the brouhaha now. I think the matter is becoming a stage 2 cancer, but if nothing is done to reverse the situation, then. Farewell thee APC in Osun.

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