Over 50 Abducted Children Discovered In Underground Of Ondo Church


Over fifty abducted children were allegedly found in an underground apartment of a church in the Valentino Area of Ondo town, Ondo State, on Friday evening.

According to unconfirmed reports, the children were allegedly kidnapped and kept in the underground apartment of the church.

The police had rescued the children who were said to be over 50 and arrested the pastor and some members of the church.

In a viral video, the children were seen in a patrol vehicle of the police who took them to the police station.

In the one minute, 40 seconds video, a voice was heard saying: “They are kidnapped children found in the underground cell of a church in the Valentino Area of Ondo. The pastor and some members of the church have been arrested and were also in the patrol van of the police.

The victims had been taken to the Ondo State Police Comamnd headquarters in Akure.


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