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Aug 2, 2022

The continuing ASUU strike, which is already in its second month, is the best sign of the APC-led government’s lack of critical thinking. Any administration that allows about three million students to loiter in the streets is being unreasonable, especially in light of the Nigerian economy’s current state. With rising costs for food, fuel, diesel, and the national grid, the situation is stressful.

Universities in Nigeria resemble industries. Thousands of people would lose their employment if they were closed. A sizable economic value chain that includes food vendors, stationery sellers, okada, taxi drivers, landlords, banks, and a number of small businesses exists in Nigerian colleges. All of these guys are now unemployed or working part-time.

The consequences of eliminating revenue-generating institutions like colleges appear to be distant and unimportant to our policymakers. Universities and other educational institutions are frequently seen as business hubs where employment is created, income is redistributed, and macroeconomic policies are tested in real-world situations. As a result, the ASUU strike’s direct and indirect negative effects may hinder the growth of more than 20 million firms. When decision-makers are unable to consider how their actions will affect the overall welfare of the populace, we cannot create the future that we all wish for.

Toyyib Omowale writes from Atoto, Ikire



The ASUU strike is having a negative impact on the Nigerian economy. A whole value chain has been shut down by the strike, which has penalized university teachers in addition to setting the stage for greater, unanticipated catastrophes. The APC-led administration needs to hasten university faculty members’ return to the classroom. This would ensure that those who are now employed remain so, as well as keep those who eke out an existence in universities active. Nigerians need to be busier than they already are if they want to see sustainable economic improvement. Every economy that has a slowdown in private business activity is in danger, and the ASUU strike, which the APC-led government has failed to resolve, is specifically doing this. Very unfortunate!

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