Ibraheem Alli

As a father of three with closed age distance, I can say little, if not much, about their survival of scaling between life and death. As young old I’m, I could still recollect many incidences I shouldn’t have escaped. What every child has tried is quite unimaginable. Surviving those fatal risks is never by parents perfection but just the grace of God.

One of those instances happened yesternight. That really prompted me to come up with this epistle. My daughter of under 2 climbed the biggest of my sitting room chairs while I was observing my prayer. I was looking at her anxiously as she wanted to jump. I imagined what could happen if she jumped as attempted. She really did. In the process, My prayer was uncontrollably disrupted as I used my hand to support her. The same girl has fell inside a bucket of water while playing with the water. She has equally attempted playing with a snake that sneaked into my sitting room.

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I blamed her less but always wish protection on her, likewise the others. It is not really my prayer that is protecting them but the grace of God. No child we want to survive. Every child runs after death. I could remember while I was young. I can’t forget two instances I rode a bicycle without brake. On the two occasions, I escaped death by whisky. One should have kissed the dust but God’s appointed time is sacrosanct.

When the bell rings, no one can stop it. Every child is a potential killer of himself. They don’t see the risk, they see life even in death.

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Once again, my condolences to the Adeleke dynasty mostly the ace singer, David Deji Adeleke.

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