Owa Stool: Youths Stage Protest, Allege Igbajo Traditional Crowns Missing

A Prince from Akeran ruling house in Igbajo, Boluwaduro local government area of the State of Osun, Prince Gbenga Akande has alleged that the traditional crowns of the ancient town are now missing.

The prince who spoke in Osogbo on Tuesday during a protest to demand transparency in the selection of a new monarch for the town accused some politicians of trying to impose the State Chairman of the All Progressives Congress, Prince Gboyega Famodun on them.

According to Akande, the traditional crowns were supposed to be kept with Chief Looye of Igbajo after the demise of a king until another king assumes the throne.

He alleged that the traditional crowns were not kept with Baba Looye but instead brought to the house of the APC chairman in Osogbo.

His words; “Igbajo traditional crowns are missing and the remaining things that are supposed to be at Baba Looye’s house are not there. They kept it with Prince Gboyega Famodun.

“When the late king passed on, the traditional crown alongside other things used by the late king was supposed to be kept in Baba Looye’s house but instead of doing that, the elders brought it to Osogbo.

“I was there when they brought out the crown from the palace and I asked the elders where we are taking the crown to but they said I should not worry.

“During our monthly meetings, I raised an issue about the crown and asked where they took it but they couldn’t give me any answer.

“The case concerning the stool of Igbajo is still in court but some people are bent on imposing someone on us”.

Also speaking during the protest, the Loogunde of Igbajoland, Chief Aderemi Adeife stressed that they don’t want the selection of new king led to any form of bloodshed in the town, noting that the people of the area deserve peace.

Cheif Adeife said the selection process should be a unanimous decision between the two ruling houses and they can always let go if there’s agreement and things are done accordingly.

He said: “We don’t want bloodshed in Igbajoland because we want to select a new king. If we begin to kill innocent lives, who are those we want to be king upon?. What the people deserve is peace. The is known for peace since the time of our forefathers.

“That’s why we are out today to appeal to all indigenes of Igbajo at home and in diaspora to stand against this injustice. All what we want is development of the town not to cause havoc.

“We have students across the 36 states of Nigeria schooling in Igbajo Polytechnic, what about their safety if God forbid Chaos broke out in the town? The process of selecting a new king should be a unanimous decision. We can let go of somethings so far we all agree to it.

“That’s why we are coming out to protest against any imposition.
The matter of selecting a new king is still lingering at the court in the last one and half years, we haven’t yet to go into hearing of the case.

“The economic activities of the town have paralysed due to what we are witnessing in the town presently. This shouldn’t be. We have had over 30 kings in the town. This won’t be the first time. Due process should be followed on the selection of new king.

“There are rumours around that some people want to use veto power to impose someone on us and we are against that. Those who have right to the position currently should nominate the right candidate for the stool”.

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