How To Cope With The Heat During Dry Season

The rainy season is over, and intense heat is taking over. The weather might get hotter as we await the harmattan season. 

It is a good idea to prepare for this hot season early enough to avoid being caught unaware. Below are some tips on how to cope with heat season: 

1. Make sure your house is more ventilated

A well ventilated room allows air to flow in and out of the house. Having a stuffy room in this season will be a very bad experience. You can go as far as getting lighter curtains that will allow fresh air in and out the room to reduce the heat. 
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2. Take adequate water
Staying hydrated is very important. This is because your body will give out more water through sweat because your body system works faster during a season like this. 

To stay hydrated, you can always carry a bottle of water with you to work or school. 

3. Wear comfortable clothes
Wearing clothes that hinder the proper flow of air into your body will make you uncomfortable. Most times, your body gets itchy wearing a tight cloth in hot weather. You should also avoid wearing tight shoes or footwear. It could cause smelly feet due to a lack of proper access to aeration. 

4. Avoid wearing black clothes
Black clothes are known to absorb heat and make your body hotter than you can comfortably take. It is advisable that you get clothes other than black clothes to enjoy the harmattan. 
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5. Buy rechargeable fans 
Since you cannot be going about with ACs or ceiling fans, then you need to buy rechargeable fans. You get to charge them and carry them around because they have backup power. And in case the power runs out, you can always charge it with a power bank. 

This is one of the best ways to reduce the heat during the day and even at night when power supply authorities decide to disappoint you with a power cut.

6. Take a cold shower
Taking a cold shower after a stressful day at work, or after household chores is one of the best ways to relax and also have a good night’s rest. Sleeping with a sweaty body from the day’s stress during the dry season will prove to be uncomfortable all through the night.  

7. Use antiperspirant deodorants 
Heat waves cause you to sweat excessively most of the time. If proper body hygiene is not in place, there are high chances of developing body odour.
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It is important that you wear roll-on, body sprays, or perfumes that prevent sweat or body fluids from escaping from your armpit, which could cause body odour or brown patches on your outfit. 

Please avoid this at all costs by using nice deodorants.
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