BREAKING: Ogunkanmi Withdraws From OSPAA Election Over Security Threats

The leading aspirant for the Presidency of Osun State Polytechnic Iree Alumni Association, Hon. Gbenga Ogunkanmi has withdrawn from the race, over security threat.

Ogunkanmi made the disclosure in a statement he personally signed, on Saturday morning, in Osogbo.

The lawmaker stressed that he was disappointed that election of executives of an association such as OSPAA, which is supposed to be a carnival, is now a do-or-die affair.

Ogunkanmi, appreciated his supporters for their labour of love and support.

The statement reads, “My earlier interest in contesting for the apex leadership position of the Osun State Polytechnic Alumni Association is to get it reorganized, repositioned, and raise its bar among the comity of alumni associations. I make bold to say that I have my name written in gold to get the association back on track in the recent crises that engulfed it. That is why I believed in taking a leadership position in OSPAA to further unite its members and encourage quality people to participate in it.

“However, the security report at my disposal does not favour my participation in the election anymore. I have credible information that some people, among those who are contestants, have resulted to unleashing violence on the election ground. I was reliably informed that some set of people has enlisted the support of ex-campus paramilitary officers, hoodlums, and cultists for the election. For what?

“As a leader, I cannot risk the lives of my supporter for an election that is supposed to be a carnival. I had thought this year’s OSPAA convention would be a civilized program, considering its ugly past. But I have realized that some individuals whose expectations and ambition are more than the association’s reputation and integrity are not taking it as a contest but a do-or-die affair.

“Of the 949 receipts issued to prospective voters as a requirement to vote as of the time of close of work yesterday, I am confident of having 112 eligible voters (from the campus community), 320 (from Osogbo, Ibadan, Lagos, and Ondo), 46, (from my aides and followers), 56 (from members of Mass Communication Alumni Association (MAOS) and 32 (from Ileogbo, my hometown). This gives us a total of 566 votes in advance. This was the least projected vote for me in the election.

“I am sure of victory in the contest, regardless of the political atmosphere. However, to what essence is a victory with a record of violence which I do not know how large it is going to be? Regardless of the purity and sincerity of ambition, it does not worth hurting anybody. This is my conviction in politics. If I could win my constituency election in 2019 without a single incidence of violence despite the large number of voters that participated in the election, why should I involve myself in a messy affair that may turn into an albatross for me in the future?

“Therefore, I am withdrawing from the OSPAA election which is supposed to take place today, December 10, 2022.

“I want to appreciate everybody that rallied around me and the association in the last few weeks. I must sincerely appreciate the OSPAA President, Mr. Lekan Adegboye for providing leadership and a level playing ground. I commend Mr Ayinde(Nwosu), Mrs. Adebayo, Mr. Bello Kabir (KB) and others for their encouragement and support. I hold you all in high esteem.

“I sincerely apologize for whoever my decision might have hurt. “
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