Train Attack: Victim Speaks On How They Were Selected Before Abduction


Following the gunmen attack on Saturday at the train station in the Igueben Local Government Area of Edo State and abduction of not less than thirty people, there had been reports that people abducted around 4 pm at the train station on Saturday were waiting to board the train.

However, a worker at the train station who survived the attack, while speaking on the incident with Punch, said both passengers and non- passengers were abducted.

He disclosed that shop owners and okada riders were kidnapped depending on the clothes, dresses and wristwatches they were wearing.

The worker, narrating how the victims were selected, said, “The bandits appeared after the arrival of the train at the Ekehen Station. They started firing gunshots in the air and later made their way into the train, telling all passengers to lie down flat before ordering them outside into the nearby bushes.

“In some cases, husbands and wives were picked; they also went away with some men and left their wives and vice versa. A survivor said the attackersvwere selecting those that were rich, those that wore expensive wristwatches and clothes; those that are fat and looked well-fed. In fact, a woman who was standing on the road was ordered to gon back because she looked haggard.”
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