Fuel Scarcity: Don’t Impede Free Flow Of Traffic With Double Queues – Osun Govt Warns Motorists


Feb 5, 2023

The Executive Secretary, Osun Office of Transportation, Engr. Bilal Adiat has advised petrol stations and motorists against forming more than one queue so as not to obstruct other road users.

He said it will be sad if other road users get stuck in traffic because of the indiscipline of some people who have refused to do the right thing all in the name of struggling to get fuel.

The Executive Secretary stated this during a meeting with some commercial motorists who paid him a courtesy visit in his office.

Engr. Bilal added that it will be heartbreaking for essential workers like health officials moving a patient in an ambulance to get stuck in traffic as a result of people forming double queues at petrol stations.
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While lamenting the hardship the fuel scarcity is causing on Nigerians, the Executive Secretary urged members of the public, especially motorists trying to get fuel at petrol stations to maintain their cool and consider other road users who might be on essential services.

In his words, “I know we are all going through hard times because of the fuel scarcity, but that doesn’t mean we should loose our heads while trying to get the product at any petrol station where it is available.

“We should try and behave like responsible adults at the petrol stations, the queue should be just one and it will be decent. Forming more than one queue amounts to impeding the free flow of traffic on the roads and we don’t want this to happen.
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“There are essential workers who use the road for emergency services, health workers for example and others. It will be sad if a life is lost because the ambulance with which the person is being taken to the hospital gets stuck in traffic because some people blocked the road with more than one queue at a petrol station”. He stated.

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