Suspect Our 2-Week-Old Baby Belongs To Landlord’s Son -Husband Tells Court


Feb 18, 2023 #Zambia

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After like and commenting on a married woman’s post, a 21-year-old guy from Zingalume Township in Lusaka, Zambia, was taken to court for allegedly engaging in adultery.

Tomson Kaluba, 33, accused Nana Zimba, the landlord’s son, of having an affair with his wife after reading the comment “My mother for me” on his wife’s post.

Tomson said in court that he was unable to accept his wife’s two-week-old child because he thought the infant belonged to Nana.

His 29-year-old wife, Alice Nalungwe, denied having an affair with Zimba and said that her husband was looking for an excuse to get a divorce from her.

In passing judgment, the magistrate, Mulenga dismissed the claim because the plaintiff did not have evidence to prove the alleged adultery.

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