#NigeriaDecides: Senate Spokesperson, Ajibola Basiru Speaks After Losing Re-election


Feb 27, 2023

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Senator Ajibola Basiru of Osun Central Senatorial District has expressed gratitude to the people of Osun Central who stood by him during and after the poll.

In a statement, the Senate Spokesperson particularly thanked the people of Osogbo for making him proud and giving him the agreeable aura to hold his head high despite the atrocious campaign of calumny by some power grabbers who were out for personal aggrandizement and pecuniary gains.

Senator Basiru also extended appreciation to all his supporters, loyalists, friends, associates, family members, relatives, and members of the All Progressives Congress as well as those who looked beyond party sentiments to cast their ballots for him throughout Osun Central.

“I have won a battle of wits and loyalty in Osogbo with the support of my people. They have shown that blood is thicker than water. I just came second in a contest and haven’t lost any battle.”

“I thank everybody, particularly those who believe Osogbo should not be swimming in the backwaters of development. I leaned on your strength and you did not let me down. The pivot you provided has propped me up higher and convinced me more than ever before to believe the maxim “Eniyan laso mi.”

Senator Basiru also lauded genuine Osogbo indigenes who rebuffed the grandstanding posture and shenanigans of a few who glory in self-conceit with the belief that they are the ones to call shots when the chips are down.

He appreciated his campaign team, religious bodies, communities and leaders, market men and women, those who contributed financially and morally as well as compound heads who believe in and stood by him.

Senator Ajibola Basiru appealed to his supporters to remain calm,resolute, and undaunted in the face of these evaporating challenges, assuring that better days lie ahead as he continues to serve his people.

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