#NigeriaDecides: Obasanjo’s Intervention Insufficiency Patriotic —Akinrinade

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Olusegun Obasanjo, a former president, has received criticism from former Chief of Army Staff and Defence Staff General Alani Akinrinade (Rtd) for calling for the annulment of the election on Saturday.

Obasanjo was in the Army with Akinrinade, who characterized him as an intrusive former president whose actions pose a threat to democracy.

According to a statement by the former army chief, Nigerians who value democracy and the nation’s unity must strongly criticize Obasanjo’s remarks regarding the just-concluded elections.

According to him: “Obasanjo’s statement coming at a time when the Independent National Electoral Commission was still busy with the conduct and release of the elections results is both unfortunate and a glaring and calculative attempt to game the system. Without any shred of evidence a former President is challenging the integrity of a national elections and calling a seating President to truncate it midway.

“As a General who fought for the unity of this country and one that has witnessed the many twists and turns of our Democratic development, I am certain that Nigeria this time is on the right path. I find it most disturbing and objectionable that a former General and President will introduce such a diatribe into the body politic of Nigeria at such a delicate time as this.”

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