Osun Govt. Warns Against Dumping Of Sand, Other Materials On Road Sides


Mar 16, 2023 #Nigeria, #Osun state

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The Osun State government has issued warnings to citizens, contractors, and tipper drivers about the dangers of dumping sand and other construction materials along roadsides in urban areas.

The State government claimed that it is a negligent act that has the potential to obstruct other road users and, worse yet, to result in collisions that could result in fatalities.

In response to inquiries from reporters in his office, the authorities used Engr. Bilal Adiat, Executive Secretary of the Office of Transportation, to speak.

Engr. Bilal as he continued by stating that many lives have been lost as a result of builders’ and tipper operators’ extreme negligence, stressing that the government will now take action against offenders.

He observed that after disposing of building materials along the side of the road, most individuals don’t use them right away but instead leave them there for several weeks or months.

He urged members of the public, particularly drivers, to report any such incidents as soon as they are discovered to the Office of Transportation at the government secretariat so that the appropriate action can be taken.

The Executive Secretary stated, “People should know that what they are doing is completely wrong and dangerous. You can’t be hipping your sand on the road side, you are destroying the road and at the same time causing hindrance to other road users.

“Government will no longer take it, it is our duty to protect the interest of other road users and make our roads free and safe at all times.”

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