Osun LGSC Career Head Advocates Advocate Reading Culture For Self Development

The Osun State Local Government Service Commission’s (LGSC) Coordinating Director, Barr. Lekan Babalola, has described reading for self-development in one’s field of expertise as a means of standing out in any profession.

In the instance of a test, he noted that reading for a specific purpose and at a specific time can be done by anyone as knowledge obtained at that moment is typically temporary and may not last forever.

Barr. Babalola made the statement as he declared a one-day orientation course for Administrative Officers who had recently transitioned to the State Local Government Service open.

the Coordinating Director emphasized on the need for the Administrative Officers to be avid readers noting that, “Every matter in the service must of necessity pass through your table. It therefore becomes imperative for you to know something about everything in order to enable you have an informed opinion, and be able to make reasonable decision on any issue.”

Describing the Officers as the creme of the service, who would later occupy leadership positions, Barr. Babalola who recalled how he, along with his contemporaries in the the local government service were integrated into the mainstream of the civil service, enthused, “Because of our prior training and experience, we were not found wanting.”

“Leadership position is not easy, it is highly competitive.You must therefore take training and retraining very seriously in order to be able to contest for leadership positions, and to be equiped to grapple with future leadership challenges”, he further advanced.

The head of the LGSC then made a commitment that the Commission will keep giving training and retraining top priority in order to create space for long-term leadership in the local government service.

The Chairman of the Forum of Administrative Officers in the Local Government Service, Mr. Hakeem Lawal, warned the freshly minted officials to conduct themselves, present themselves, and walk with dignity befitting the cadre.

Mr. Lawal thanked the Governor and the organizing LGSC for, respectively, approving and carrying out the induction program and urged the Commission to continue with its training efforts.

The Resource Team Leader, Dr. Lekan Ashifat, had earlier assured the participants that the training will encourage and assist them to build capacity for their new assignment, adding that as Administrative Officers they must be able to show leadership and direction in the local government. Dr. Lekan Ashifat’s paper, “Public Service Ethics and Local Government Administration: The Way Forward,” was the highlight of the training package.

Other topics explored at the training session by Dr. Ademola Adisa and Mr. Oladipo Bamidele were: .”Positive Attitude to Work: A Panacea For Effective and Efficient Service Delivery in Local Government Administration as well as E-Governance in Local Government Administration:The Role of Administrative Officers”, respectively.

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