Power Derived From Rigged Elections Not From God – Shehu Sani

A former federal lawmaker and social critic Senator Shehu Sani, has opposed those with the insinuation that all winners of the just concluded general elections had the backing of God.

Several leaders, especially from the ruling party, had urged Nigerians to accept the election results, claiming that they represented God’s will.

The position party, however, argued that the results of the elections were not God’s will, including Peter Obi, the Labour Party’s presidential candidate, who urged Nigerians to reject the results.

Speaking on Arise TV, Obi had said, “The problem of Nigeria is accepting what is unacceptable. That’s not God’s wish. God’s wish is when you do the right thing”.

In a similar vein, Shehu Sani, a former lawmaker, said, “power derived from rigged election is not from God”.

In a post on his verified Facebook page, Senator Sani said, “after they buy votes, falsified figures and rigged elections, they will bring in religion to launder and legitimise their evil; and want you to believe that power is from God”.

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