Former President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, Olusegun Obasanjo, has urged the incoming administration to work in facilitating national moral rearmament and reconciliation, following the divisiveness aroused by the just concluded general elections.

He claimed that this has the power to promote healing and calm the young people of Nigeria who were upset over the flaws of the elections.

This was said by Obasanjo during his lecture at the conference “From Elections to Governance and Performance” that Nextier and the Ibadan School of Governance and Public Policy organized in Abuja.

In order to save the country from its collapsing economy and massive national debt load, he continued, governance in Nigeria now required creative problem-solving. He also said that there needed to be political will and action, as well as administrative efforts, to reform the public service and transform it into a capability-ready unit.

Obasanjo noted that in light of the challenges facing the country, he was now “too old to keep quiet”, stating that he would continue to voice concerns for the benefit of the nation.
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