Terrorists State has abducted no less than 80 teenagers who went into the woods to gather firewood in Zamfara.

The tragedy, which occurred at Wanzamai village at around 8 am on Friday, almost hit every household in the community, leaving it in terror and confusion.

Calls made to the police and elected officials on the event were not answered.

However, parents of several of the abducted children informed the BBC Hausa Service in an interview that our journalist observed that the hoodlums abducted both their male and female children while they were out hunting for firewood in the bush.

According to a parent,” It affected all members of our community.It’s either your son or daughter who was among the captives, your nephew or niece. They went away with my son and a motorbike.”

A woman in the Wanzamai village said her 15-year-old daughter was among those kidnapped. ” We are worried because we don’t know the condition of our children in captivity,” she said.

The terrorists were yet to demand ransom, as of the time of this report.

Journalists were told that there was an attack on the Wanzamai village at the beginning of Ramadan, but the terrorists only rustled animals and stole.

Zamfara, a rural state in Northwest Nigeria has been an epicentre of kidnapping and other criminal activities perpetrated by criminal gangs, often challenging the state and local authorities as if they were a parallel government with powers to unleash death and other hardships on the rural people.

Rich in gold and other precious minerals, Zamfara state was attractive for the exploitation of resources by local miners and their foreign collaborators, a development that led to the occupation of many mining sites by these non-state actors, and the continued kidnap for ransom by the terrorists.

The military troops have continued to bomb criminal enclaves, but the hoodlums kept on changing locations and pretended to be ready to dialogue for peace, which they often reneged and returned to their tranches to continue with the criminal acts.

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