Soludo’s Easter Message Sparks Controversy, ‘Obidients’ Allege Mockery

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Anambra State Governor, Prof Chukwuma Soludo has allegedly mocked supporters of the presidential candidate of the Labour Party, Mr Peter Obi.

The governor wished the people of Anambra a joyful Easter celebration in an Easter greeting that was uploaded on his Facebook wall, but he also stated that a headless mob killed Christ because their emotions clashed with the truth that was personified by Christ.

In a post published in November 2022, Soludo referred to Obi’s fans as a “headless mob,” which fueled speculation that the usage of the same phrase in today’s Easter message may have been intended to make fun of Obi’s OBIdient supporters.

The comments had fuelled anger among OBIdients who reacted by attacking Soludo in the comment section of his post on Facebook.

The message posted by the governor on his timeline read: “Christ is risen, hallelujah! Our Lord brought the inconvenient truth about salvation.

“The headless mob mocked, condemned and crucified Him. Some 2000 years after, the truth, embodied in the risen Christ and His message of salvation and eternity, still endures.

“History teaches us and the experience of our Lord confirms that whenever strong fleeting emotions collide with the truth, emotions triumph temporarily but ultimately the truth prevails.

“May the resurrection power encourage all those with the wisdom and courage to stand up for the inconvenient truth at all times. Truth will always prevail. In the end, no history book has ever been written in honour of the emotive critics or the headless mob.

“May Anambra and Nigeria always win. Happy Easter to us all!”

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