Olowu of Kuta Warns Asari Dokubo Against Demoralizing Military With Oil Theft Claims


Jun 17, 2023

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The Olowu of Kuta, HRH Oba Adekunle Oyelude Makama, Tegbosun III, has cautioned former Niger Delta agitator Mujahid Asari Dokubo against demoralizing the military with unfounded accusations of involvement in oil theft.

The monarch, through his media office, expressed concerns about the negative impact such statements could have on the morale of the Nigerian Armed Forces.

Highlighting the efforts involved in building a strong military institution, the Olowu emphasized that criticizing the military as a whole due to the actions of a few individuals would prove counterproductive. The sweeping statement made by Dokubo, accusing the military of being responsible for oil theft in the Niger Delta, was deemed inappropriate by the monarch.
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While acknowledging Dokubo’s recent support for President Bola Ahmed Tinubu, the Olowu expressed disappointment at the former agitator’s post-visit outburst regarding the military. The monarch stressed that utilizing the presidential press gallery to make such a statement not only betrayed trust but also had the potential to undermine the military’s dedication and sacrifice.

“Why should he use the presidential press gallery to make such a statement that’s capable of demoralizing our military?” the Olowu questioned. He urged Dokubo to relay any information he may have regarding unscrupulous elements involved in oil theft directly to President Tinubu without sensationalism. The monarch emphasized that the military, through their supreme sacrifice, continues to combat insurgency and unrest across the country in their tireless efforts to maintain Nigeria’s unity.
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The incident occurred after Dokubo’s meeting with President Tinubu at the Aso Rock Villa, during which he accused the military of being responsible for the oil theft in the Niger Delta. The monarch’s statement serves as a reminder of the importance of respecting the military’s contributions while addressing concerns related to criminal activities.

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