ADAPHAI Backs Olowu’s Warning To Dokubo, Urges Tinubu To Be Cautious With Visitors

ByIdris Idowu

Jun 18, 2023

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A prominent Civil Society Organization, Advocacy for Advancement of Peace & Harmony in Africa Initiative (ADAPHAI), has expressed its support for the cautionary words of the Olowu of Kuta, Oba Makama Oyelude, directed at ex-Niger Delta Militant, Alhaji Asari Dokubo. The organization also urged President Bola Ahmed Tinubu to exercise caution in granting audiences to visitors.

In a recent statement signed by ADAPHAI’s National Coordinator, Sulaimon Suberu, the organization warned Dokubo against making statements that could demoralize the Nigerian Military. Dokubo had accused the military of engaging in oil theft in the Niger Delta region, prompting the Olowu of Kuta to criticize his denigration of the armed forces.

ADAPHAI emphasized the critical importance of providing the Nigerian Military with encouragement and moral support in the current political climate, characterized by an ongoing asymmetrical war against insurgency and banditry. The organization deemed Dokubo’s remarks as lacking diplomatic finesse and failing to consider the broader context and prevailing circumstances, arguing that such an individual would not make a suitable advisor to the President.

ADAPHAI further implored President Tinubu to maintain his proactive approach across all aspects of national life, particularly regarding internal security. The organization recommended that the President assemble individuals with impeccable character and a profound understanding of national security to combat insurgency and economic sabotage effectively.

According to ADAPHAI, addressing Nigeria’s socio-economic challenges requires urgent and scientific measures rather than baseless allegations and unguided utterances. The organization acknowledged the presence of problematic individuals within all sectors of the country, including the military. However, it stressed that Dokubo’s unfounded and sweeping criticisms of the entire military establishment were misplaced and detrimental to the nation’s unity.

ADAPHAI cautioned that if unchecked, Dokubo’s statements had the potential to undermine the patriotic commitment of the military in the fight against insurgency and other criminal activities that currently pose threats to Nigeria’s survival and continuity as a nation.

In light of the deeply divided and polarized state of the country, ADAPHAI advised President Tinubu to exercise tact and diplomacy when addressing sensitive security and economic matters. The organization emphasized the need for the President to be discerning in selecting his friends and acquaintances during this critical period, including those granted access to the Presidential Villa. ADAPHAI urged Tinubu to maintain his demonstrated efficiency and effectiveness while approaching these matters with utmost sensitivity.

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