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FG Resumes Talks With Labour Unions On Mitigating Impacts Of Petrol Subsidy Removal


Jun 19, 2023

The federal government of Nigeria has recommenced negotiations with the Nigeria Labour Congress (NLC) and the Trade Union Congress (TUC) to discuss measures aimed at alleviating the impacts of the recent removal of the petrol subsidy on the Nigerian population.

Following a meeting between the leaders of the labour unions and representatives of the federal government on June 5, the planned strike, which was intended to protest the removal of the petrol subsidy, was temporarily suspended.

The resumption of negotiations signifies the commitment of both the government and the labour unions to finding a mutually agreeable solution to cushion the effects of the subsidy removal on the Nigerian people. The discussions will focus on identifying strategies to mitigate the potential hardships that may arise as a result of the policy change.

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