Senator Ajibola Bashiru Berates Osun Govt Over Security Threat Allegations

ByIdris Idowu

Jun 19, 2023

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In reaction to a press statement released by Mallam Olawale Rasheed, the spokesperson for Governor Adeleke, in which Senator Ajibola Bashiru was accused of importing unauthorized policemen into Osun state to create chaos and disrupt peace, Senator Ajibola Bashiru has expressed his disbelief that a serious government or its spokesperson would release such a statement.

Senator Bashiru strongly believes that the absurdity of the accusations signifies the government’s apprehension regarding the upcoming 2026 elections, as he sees it as a desperate attempt to undermine the credibility of the APC, his political party, which poses a threat to the current administration. He further dismissed the allegations made by Governor Adeleke, labeling them as baseless, irrational, and originating from a source lacking seriousness.

In his response, Senator Bashiru challenged Governor Adeleke to demonstrate his commitment to maintaining peace in the state by handing over individuals declared as criminals by the police. According to Bashiru, these alleged criminals are purportedly being sheltered at the governor’s country home in Ede. By taking such action, the senator believes Adeleke can prove his dedication to upholding the rule of law and ensuring public safety.

Additionally, Senator Bashiru issued a warning, stating that any attempts by Governor Adeleke and his supporters to harass or intimidate him would be futile. He emphasized his preparedness to defend himself against any such endeavors, asserting that he would not be deterred from his political pursuits.

Addressing the alleged defamation of his character, Senator Bashiru announced that he had instructed his legal team to examine the possibility of taking legal action against Mallam Rasheed Olawale, the spokesperson for Governor Adeleke, for making defamatory remarks. Bashiru aims to protect his reputation and hold accountable those responsible for damaging his public image.

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