NANS Newly Elected PRO, Bamigboye Peter, Shows Gratitude, Expresses Commitment


Jun 20, 2023

The newly elected NANS Southwest Zone D PRO, Comrade Bamigboye Peter Oluwadamilola, also known as DammyGold, has extended his gratitude to the leaders and esteemed fellow comrades of NANS Zone D, for their support, and also expressed a strong commitment to his newly elected role as the Public Relations Officer (PRO) of the National Association of Nigerian Students (NANS) Southwest Zone D.

Quoting the renowned John Wooden, DammyGold emphasizes the importance of great leaders sacrificing personal interests for the greater good of their team. He begins by expressing deep appreciation to all those who supported him throughout his journey, acknowledging their unwavering belief in his abilities and invaluable guidance. Recognizing the weight of their trust, DammyGold pledges to fulfill the expectations placed upon him with utmost dedication.

The newly elected PRO extends profound gratitude to the leaders across Southwest states whose overwhelming support and endorsement played a pivotal role in his success. He recognizes their wisdom, experience, and dedication to improving the lives of students, which served as inspiration to step up and serve his comrades with unwavering commitment and integrity.

DammyGold expresses heartfelt appreciation to the leaders who selflessly invested their time, resources, and energy in nurturing young minds and empowering the student community. Their guidance and mentorship have shaped his perspective and instilled in him the values of advocacy, resilience, and compassion. He acknowledges the opportunities they have provided and the belief they have shown in his abilities.

Addressing the student community as their representative, DammyGold emphasizes his commitment to being the voice that amplifies their needs and aspirations. He pledges to uphold the principles of transparency, accountability, and inclusivity in all his endeavors, fostering an environment that nurtures the holistic growth and development of every student.

With unwavering dedication, passion, and a deep sense of responsibility, DammyGold expresses readiness to embark on this journey. While acknowledging the challenges ahead, he remains confident that, with continued support, collective wisdom, and the determination of the student community, they can overcome any obstacle and achieve remarkable milestones.

DammyGold concludes his message by expressing heartfelt gratitude to every leader across the Southwest states who supported and trusted him. He acknowledges that their unwavering belief fuels his determination to serve the student community diligently and effectively.

In unity and with shared purpose, DammyGold invites everyone to march forward, striving to create a brighter future for every student in the Southwest zone.

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