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Ex-servicemen Provide Guidance To New Service Chiefs On Combating Insecurity In Nigeria


Jul 4, 2023

In a crucial meeting with President Bola Tinubu, the newly appointed Service Chiefs received valuable advice from ex-servicemen on how to address the pressing issue of insecurity that has plagued the country.

The meeting, which took place on Monday, marked the first engagement between Tinubu and the security chiefs since their appointment on June 19.

President Tinubu, emphasizing the need for a united front against security challenges, urged the Service Chiefs to work collaboratively as a team. Guided by Nuhu Ribadu, the national security adviser (NSA), the meeting included top security officials such as Chief of Defence Staff Christopher Musa, Chief of Army Staff Taoreed Lagbaja, Chief of Naval Staff Emmanuel Ogalla, Chief of Air Staff Hassan Abubakar, and Acting Inspector General of Police Kayode Egbetokun.

Shortly after their meeting with the President, retired generals voiced their opinions on the matter, focusing on the areas of improvement and consolidation. Retired Brigadier General Bashir Adewinibi acknowledged the accomplishments of the previous service chiefs in the fight against terrorism and other criminal activities, urging the new leaders to build upon their successes. Adewinibi advised them to carefully evaluate their activities, consolidate what is working well, improve areas of weakness, and rectify any lapses. By doing so, the security of the country can become more effective and efficient.

Brigadier General Peter Aro (retd.) stressed the importance of teamwork among the new service chiefs. He commended the President for appointing seasoned and experienced officers who possess the necessary skills to address the security challenges. Aro emphasized the concept of jointness, urging the chiefs to engage in integrated planning and coordinated execution to achieve optimal operational results. He further expressed confidence in the service chiefs’ ability to remain resolute in the face of political pressures and to prioritize national security over personal compromises.

Likewise, Major General Anthony Atolagbe called upon the new service chiefs to be open to ideas and surround themselves with constructive strategists. He encouraged them to embrace criticism from their juniors and consider it if it contains sound reasoning. Major General Atolagbe also emphasized the importance of international exposure, suggesting that the officers under their command should be given opportunities to learn from other militaries and gain valuable insights to improve Nigeria’s security apparatus.

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