Kwara Govt Reverses Reduction Of Working Days For Civil Servants


Jul 5, 2023

The Kwara State government has reversed its previous directive that reduced the working days for civil servants in the state.

The decision to reduce the workdays from five to three was initially implemented on June 5, 2023, as a measure to mitigate the impact of the federal government’s removal of fuel subsidy on the state’s civil servants.

The directive, communicated through a letter from the state’s Head of Service, Mrs. Susan Oluwole, aimed to alleviate the burden faced by civil servants due to the subsidy removal.

However, in a subsequent letter dated June 26, the Head of Service sent another communication to the Heads of Ministries, Department, and Agencies (MDAs) in the state, rescinding the previous directive. This reversal was undertaken to allow the federal government and organized labor to collaborate on devising more effective interventions to cushion the impact of the subsidy removal.

The letter, signed by Mr. Okedare Adeyinka on behalf of the Head of Service, revealed that the details of the intervention would be announced in the near future. The statement emphasized the necessity of reverting to the previous work arrangement, where civil servants observed five working days per week. This change is to remain in effect from July 10, 2023, until a consensus is reached between the government and labor regarding alternative measures.

The announcement further specified that workers who were not initially covered by the temporary reduction in working days, which lasted for a few days, would receive stipends as a gesture of appreciation. This acknowledgment aimed to recognize their commitment and dedication during the period when reduced working days were in effect.

The decision to reverse the reduction of working days demonstrates the government’s commitment to engaging all stakeholders in finding a sustainable solution to alleviate the impact of the fuel subsidy removal on civil servants in Kwara State. By collaborating with the federal government and organized labor, the government hopes to devise more efficient interventions that address the concerns of civil servants and mitigate the challenges arising from the subsidy removal.

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