Oluwo, MURIC And The Award Of The Faithful


Jul 17, 2023

By Ibraheem Alli

It was exactly a week and a day, Sunday 9th July, 2023 when personalities from all walks of life gathered at the Combol Hall of the Lagos Television to celebrate selected men of timber and caliber. At the gathering staged to mark the retirement of the founder of the foremost Islamic group, Muslims Rights Concern (MURIC), Prof. Ishaq Akintola and the unveiling of his autobiography “My Jihad”,
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The August event held in July involved the honouring of some honourable individuals who have played pivotal role in propagation of Islam and Islamic knowledge without compromise. Oluwo, El Rufai, Pantami and few others noble Nigerians made the list.

Oluwo, honoured with the “Defender of the Faithful” earned the credit for his outstanding and consistent preaching of only Olodumare (God). Faithfulness is a rare virtue, very expensive and not gotten from people of questionable characters. You cannot be adjudged to be faithful without consistency. In Islam, your faith is your belief and vehicle to Jannah (Heaven). Without faith, you have no God.
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For one to be faithful in Islam, six articles are involved- belief in the oneness of God, belief in the angels of God, belief in the revelations (books) of God, belief in the Prophets of God, belief in the day of judgement and belief in the premeasurement (Kadara).

Since his enthronement in 2016, Oluwo has brought rejuvenating dimensions to monarchy. He has been criticized, attacked and condemned primarily for his unrepentant propagation of only one Olodumare (God). He commits his stool to worship God and nothing else. He described kingship as an institution of God and should not bear allegiance to any created but the Creator.
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The avalanche of criticism that greeted his monarchical conducts from the idol worshippers triggered worries from his ardent followers. There was a time when the deity worshippers threatened to stage a protest against Oluwo. Oba Akanbi has fought many battles. The joy of it is, he comes out stronger out of every orchestrated attack. Many Iseses have wished him evil and set a date for his end. Instead, Oluwo is relishing, revelling in strength and better appearance.

Telu has rejigged the glory of traditional institution such that, religious leaders are enticed to taking traditional titles from his throne. The youth are encouraged to associate and interact with the crown unlike before when young ones are scared. Oluwo has successfully demystified kingship as a position to promote God, canvass people to His way and respect the dictates of God.

The award is an honour to the Honourable. When people that matter recognize you, the rest is noise. Only the deep call to the deep. Let the faithful and the unfaithful rule, the results distinguish.
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Kabiesi, congratulations once again for leading us right to the way of God and gods, to the land of prosperity and not abject, to the way of promotion and not demotion.

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