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Yakubu Atanda Commends President Tinubu’s Appointment Of Student To Key Committee


Aug 8, 2023

In a commendable move that reflects his commitment to nurturing young talents and ensuring the inclusion of youth perspectives, President Ahmed Bola Tinubu GCFR of the Federal Republic of Nigeria has appointed Miss Orire Agbaje, a 400-level Economics student at the University of Ibadan, to the esteemed Presidential Committee on Fiscal Policy and Tax Reforms. The committee was inaugurated earlier today, signifying a significant step towards advancing fiscal policy and tax reforms in the nation.

Ogbeni Yakubu Atanda, a notable figure and former personal assistant to the Commissioner for Works of Osun state, extended his heartfelt appreciation to President Tinubu for his decision to include a young and dynamic individual like Miss Orire Agbaje in such a crucial committee. Mr. Atanda lauded the President for recognizing the potential of the Nigerian youth and for demonstrating a commitment to grooming leaders of the future.
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This move has drawn comparisons to President Tinubu’s transformative tenure as the Governor of Lagos state, during which he earned a reputation for shaping emerging leaders and fostering their growth. The appointment of Miss Orire Agbaje is seen as a continuation of that legacy, as President Tinubu seeks to replicate his success on a national scale.

Mr. Atanda further emphasized the significance of Miss Orire Agbaje’s role within the committee, urging her to execute her responsibilities diligently and with a keen focus on representing the interests of Nigerian youths. As the President of the Nigerian Universities Tax Club and a highly capable student, Miss Orire Agbaje is expected to contribute fresh perspectives and innovative ideas to the committee’s deliberations.
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As Nigeria navigates its fiscal challenges and aims for comprehensive tax reforms, the inclusion of a young and enthusiastic voice in the form of Miss Orire Agbaje underscores the administration’s commitment to an inclusive and diverse approach to policymaking. This gesture not only acknowledges the potential of the youth but also signals a progressive direction for the nation’s economic and fiscal future.

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