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VIDEO: Femi Adebayo Shares Review of ‘Jagun Jagun’


Aug 15, 2023

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Actor Femi Adebayo has taken to his Instagram page to showcase the resounding success and critical acclaim of his latest film, “Jagun Jagun”.

ADULAWO NEWS reports that the film has been making waves across the country and has secured the top spot in Nigeria’s movie scene.

In an engaging post, Adebayo shared a review of “Jagun Jagun” penned by Frank iTom, a prominent Creative Consultant.
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iTom’s review showered praise on various aspects of the film, particularly highlighting the impeccable makeup, masterful execution of the storyline, and exceptional acting performances. Adebayo’s followers were treated to a captivating snapshot of the review.

With enthusiasm radiating through his words, Adebayo extended an invitation to his followers to partake in the enchantment of “Jagun Jagun.” He laid out three straightforward steps to partake in this cinematic journey: Firstly, download the Netflix app onto mobile devices or access it through smart TVs. Next, secure a subscription to the streaming platform. Finally, effortlessly locate “Jagun Jagun,” which, as Adebayo proudly declared, reigns as the current number one movie in Nigeria.
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The icing on the cake of Adebayo’s post was his nod to Fasakin Mewolaka, a prominent Yoruba chanter whose involvement added another layer of depth to “Jagun Jagun”.

Adebayo’s post resonated with a sense of urgency and excitement, underscored by his emphatic declaration, “The magic of Jagun Jagun is in the air! If you’ve not caught on, you’re missing out!”.

Watch the video below

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