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Esie: The Sodom And Gomorrah Discovered In Yorubaland BY Oluwo


Oct 19, 2023

There must be an historical revolution should Africa want to reclaim its glory. The black should be proud of their colour. Your colour is what comes out of you. Yorubas are direct descendants of Adamo. Disappointedly, the early western civilization has been deployed to hide our rich historical background and lineage. Yoruba history started from Adam and Africa, most especially Yorubaland. We are a product of productivity and virility. Of course, we will reclaim our right place in history and in the world.

Just a very few facts have been established by few interested historians while many more are yet to reveal because of the limitation placed on Yoruba greatness by some ancestors. Yorubas are greatness personified. We are the cradle of humanity with empirical evidence.

The first Museum in Nigeria was located in Esie, Kwara State of Yorubaland. The ancient town has unrivalled singular history which placed it at advantage of hosting the first Museum in Nigeria in 1945. Throughout the world, Esie is the only place where human turned to suphuric salt. I’ve traveled there. I saw one of the wonders of God. The ordeal of Abraham and Lot is well spelt in Bible and Quran. Lot’s wife and many people turned into a pillar of salt. They paid for disobedience. International historians are challenged to name other place or location of where human turned to suphuric salt with evidence. There was no Israel at that time.

Original Biblical and Quranic Sodom and Gomorrah were in Esie. But the new settlers in the ancient city are not the people of Sodom and Gomorrah. Many western historical writers altered the names and locations of many early characters to suit their interest.

Joseph grandson of Isaac sojourned in Egypt before Moses took the 12 tribes of Israel that are Israelites of today to cross to their own promised land and every race that sort themselves out either in lookalike or language has their own promised land dictated to them by the Creator no matter which name they call God (Olodumare) in their language.

They have not crossed the red sea then. All historical occurrences before the coming of Moses (Musa) took place in Africa. The writers of Bible wrote Africa history but changed the character’s identity to favour them. The Noah’s arch was in Africa. Putting Africa history in the right perspective of eminence, distinction and excellence requires divine inspiration, veteran historians and cooperation amongst the Africans.

Every race white, Chinese, India etc has trace of their DNA to Africa and Africa is the motherland to all human Race on this please planet earth. All of them are rooted in Africa. We will shatter the house of historical lies and bring out the originality in Africa and Africans. The change of language in the time of Nimrod (Lamurudu) caused the stir of separation.

Excerpt from “Our Origin” by TELU I

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