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How Heart Of Sapphires International Foundation Helped Entrepreneurs In Nigeria During Covid-19


Oct 28, 2023

Heart of Sapphires International Foundation, a non-governmental Organization in Nigeria, founded by Mr and Mrs Ogunnusi, launched a program called “Business Funding” during Covid-19 first lockdown in Nigeria.

It was gathered that the empowerment was targeted at giving grants to small business owners to ease the effects and damages caused by COVID-19 pandemic. The Foundation aimed and supported young entrepreneurs whose micro and small businesses have been especially hard-hit by COVID-19 pandemic.

Even till now, global economy is still suffering from catastrophic economic shocks as a result of COVID-19 with typically tight margins, micro, small and medium businesses are vulnerable to economic downturn. The pandemic and the resulting lockdowns are having a particularly serious impact on business owners and entrepreneurs.

Speaking with the Chairman of the organization, Mr Olufikayo Ogunnusi, emphasized on how coronavirus pandemic presented new challenges to every dimension of life, and with the global effort to reduce the effects, it has become clear that government intervention alone is not enough to tackle the economic crisis caused by Covid-19 pandemic, the grassroots and small businesses continue to struggle for survival due to a range of challenges which Covid-19 pandemic has only exacerbated.

Mr Olufikayo Ogunnusi revealed that the “Business Funding” was launched as a way of cushioning the effect of the immediate financial challenges caused by COVID-19 lock down. He said that the initiative was borne out of passion to raise people at the lowest level of the economic ladder and to support their businesses especially in Nigeria.

In a separate interview with the CEO of the organization, Mrs Adebola Adereti Ogunnusi told Naijalamp media that the programme is part of their master plan to fight poverty at the grassroots in Nigeria and to ensure that small scale businesses, which are the backbone of every economy, are empowered. She said that the struggle is far from over for many entrepreneurs as the effects of the pandemic continue to cripple economies and disrupt normal business operations.

The beneficiaries of this program have shown their deepest gratitude to Heart of Sapphires International Foundation for coming to their rescue during trying times.

According to the resolution passed by the Foundation, Mrs Adebola Adereti Ogunnusi said:

“It is our plan that the foundation keeps supporting small businesses in the bid to reduce poverty in Nigeria and the whole world. It is also our hope that our contribution to the lives of our young and old entrepreneurs makes a great difference.

Sustenance and maintenance are great deals in small businesses, because of that, we are not limited to start up help for small businesses only, but also expansion and added values. Charity begins at home, hence the reason for the foundation creating its awareness in Nigeria and the United States Of America.

Our watch word is spreading kindness to world; it’s a purported plan to spread our kindness to every part of the world and touch every life (Healthcare, Welfare, e. t. c.) that needs our kindness“. She added.

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