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Oluwo,Odun Olodumare And The Sanctity Of Kingship


Nov 5, 2023

By Ibraheem Alli

The promotion or otherwise of an individual, body or organization depends solely on his or her commitment in safeguarding the institution he or she represents. As a rising journalist, I’m fully committed to protecting the sanctity of journalism. That is the institution I represent. When I have family issues, handle it the family way. If it’s professional, I did it professionally.

You are not yet a professional until you can perfectly define your professional duty (ies). Identifying such will give you direction to what is expected. Without it, one is failing already. To correct repeated failure comes the wisdom to identify your position and duty.

Kingship is an institution. And it’s that of God, The Olodumare. Olodumare is not Human. He is the Master Creator. The Only Unquestionable. Earthly kings are His representatives. God has bestowed wisdom on the Natural Paramount Ruler of Iwoland, HIM Oba Abdulrosheed Adewale Akanbi, who God wisdomized to redefine kingship as a pure, unadulterated institution of God.
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Oluwo has distinctively differentiated between kingship and deitism, Yoruba rich culture and adulterated religion. In a bid to correct the derogatory perception of kingship and repositioning kingship as that of God, Oluwo has consistently launched an aggressive campaign against lumping idolatry with kingship. To further entrench his position, he birthed an annual event to celebrate Olodumare (God). Big goes with small, male for female, good with bad and so on. Is either you chose to praise God or gods.

Odun Olodumare (God Festival) was birthed about 3-year ago by Oluwo dedicated to celebrate God through praising, thanksgiving and extolment. The purpose is to specially honour God as against gods, to acknowledge The Creator not the created.
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Next Thursday, 9th November, is another emergency code 911, to re-echo the oneness qnd greatness of Olodumare. A day to further project the sanctity of kingship as an institution of Olodumare. Pure monarchy has come to stay. Light has come to Yorubaland, darkness fading. On God.

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