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Japa Syndrome: Six Winter Survival Tips For Nigerians In UK


Dec 5, 2023

Over the year, more than 150,000 Nigerians have relocated to the UK in search of a greener pasture, and one of the things that makes the transition difficult is the weather.

ADULAWO NEWS reports that the weather in Nigeria is usually very warm, even in cold seasons, going from this to a part of the world where it snows and weather during winter can be very harsh.

Here’s a list of tips Nigerians abroad could use to survive during winter:
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1. Wear warm clothing

It is advised that one should dress in warm clothes during the cold weather, and wear several layers of thin, loose-fitting clothing underneath a thick one. Good-fitting socks and gloves are also advisable to avoid frostbite.

The most important thing to have during winter in England is a reliable winter coat.

2. Avoid taking cold meals or drinks

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It is a must to make sure the foods and drinks consumed during the cold weather are warm enough for the body.

3. Eat well

A balanced diet will help keep one warm and healthy in the cold weather medical experts advise that intake of at least one hot meal daily aids body warmth.

4. Wear waterproof shoes and boots

Properly fitted shoes or boots are also important.
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You will need waterproof boots for wintertime. Your boots need to feel warm, as well.
5. Exercise, stay active

Exercises like walking and jogging are recommended for warmth but If the weather prevents you from going outside, stay active indoors by catching up on all the household tasks you have been putting off and doing indoor exercises as well.

6. Get a heater if you can

Heating systems provide warmth, safety, and comfort for those who don’t have them already.

Heaters help people feel warmer and more comfortable in their own homes.
Credit (The Nation)

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