UK Govt Releases List of Companies Eligible To Sponsor Nigerians’ Work Visa in 2024


Jan 15, 2024

The UK government has released a list of licensed companies that are allowed to sponsor the relocation of skilled workers.
The companies can decide to fill vacant positions in their organisations with foreign workers, including Nigerians The list comprises over 90,000 companies specialising in technology, commerce, engineering.

The latest list, updated on January 12, 2024, now includes 99,856 approved companies. UK government releases list of companies allowed to sponsor visa Photo credit: benedek Source: Getty Images This marks an increase of 31,226 companies compared to the 68,630 approved as of January 2023.

The companies in the list cut across technology, commerce, education, media and advertisement, and engineering sectors, among several others.
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UK government, in a note on its website, said: “This document lists worker and temporary worker sponsors. It includes information about the category of workers they’re licensed to sponsor and their sponsorship rating. “The skilled worker route includes charity workers, skilled workers, creative workers, global business mobility: senior or specialist workers, and international sportspersons. Interested persons are advised to visit the company’s website and search for available vacancies.

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