Sacked Obas/Abuse of Court Orders: Who will feed Governor Adeleke with palm oil?


Jan 23, 2024

By: Sodiq Lawal Chocomilo

It is customary in Osun state for the incoming governor to rescind or amend any previous administration policy that conflicts with his own mandate or interest, so I was not shocked when Governor Adeleke recently declared three ancient traditional stools vacant, citing abuse of process by the outgoing administration. 

Citing subpar performance as an explanation, Bisi Akande laid off civil staff, including teachers. Reversing his earlier ruling, Oyinlola called back those who had not received any gratuities or other advantages into civil service. Aregbesola began building gigantic schools throughout Federal constituencies and abandoned other projects, such as renovating stadiums, after discovering that some of the classrooms constructed by Oyinlola had the phrase “Oyin Ni O” written on their walls.

Oyetola reversed the single uniform and school reclassification that Aregbesola, his principal had instituted. This action could be considered the most audacious reversal in state history. And Governor Adeleke was no exception. He had the desperate look of someone who wants power when he came on board. He began enforcing his planned changes with executive orders after he was sworn-in. 

Oyetola hired a few teachers and medical personnel before he left power. In actuality, they had employment letters. Adeleke joined the colony of reversal’s actors and, among other reasons, reversed the employment of educators and medical professionals. He really striked the masses. If I’m not aware of any people who have been struck by him, I do know Kunle, a struggling graduate who had informed his dying mother that he had gotten a job. He was happily enjoying his newfound achievement after receiving an employment letter as a dental technician from Oyetola’s government when bad news reached him.

I have no idea how Kunle comforted his poor parents—particularly his mother who was dying and his siblings, whom he had previously told about the new heights. Kunle’s story is like the stories of all young graduates who suffered greatly same fate. You can only sympathize with these graduates and their families if you’ve ever landed a job only to find out later that you’re not needed. God bless them and heal them.

Governor Adeleke gave the state’s monarchy system a hard rap while Kunle and his cronies continued to mope around. In Nigeria, we don’t respond to decisions that are obviously irrelevant to us. The general populace remained silent and pretended nothing had happened while Kunle and his friends were employed in the opposite direction. The elite, particularly Osun Obas, have remained silent as well after Adeleke created history by becoming the first governor to proclaim three traditional stools vacant due to abuse of process while wearing gowns of our lordships.

Crowns are no longer worn by the Ademolas, the Akadiris, or the Famoduns. This spiritual purification is now useless. Adeleke and his gangs have derobed them in public, mocking our traditional institution. It essentially means that Obas can only be removed by Adeleke and the grim reaper (death). I would have counseled these deposed monarchs to file lawsuits, but regrettably, state courts have been shuttered since Governor Adeleke and Chief Judge Adepele Ojo’s conflict of interest. To thwart the courts, the politically driven JUSUN, Osun state branch, has allied with odd forces. They shuttered courts together with Governor Adeleke’s friends. The person who shuts down the court has let more injustice and criminal activity in. That Adeleke, an acclaimed graduate of criminal justice does not know this bothers me a lot.

Did Odetayo approach a court or not? Yes, he approached the National Industrial Court. During a talk, a friend who also works as a lawyer asked a question. Despite the National Industrial Court’s ruling that he needed to be retained, was he not fired? He asked again. I didn’t even try to find out if my acquaintance was offended by this administration’s blatant disregard for court decisions and ridicule of them.

Not only did Governor Adeleke dismiss Odetayo. In addition, he appointed an Ede native who finished last in a deputy rectorship ballot to take his position. Sadly, Odetayo had terrible advisors surrounding him, and his claim to be a scholar was a major defect. Dane firearms are not useful against individuals dressed in voodoo. According to a friend, he would have suggested that Odetayo provide Governor Adeleke palm oil if he had met him prior to his termination. Why? Palm oil is only used to honor and calm gods. Is Governor Adeleke now a god? I asked.

My friend argued that as soon as Odetayo went to court to seek a resolution, he wrecked the situation. The governor and his older sister live in Ede, the home of the Adelekes, therefore he should have gone there to bow down and beg for forgiveness. Why would Odetayo contest authority that came from the one thing Governor Adeleke has shown to detest most – courts? He bemoaned. Don’t you observe the Osun State University vice-chancellor frequently going to the country home to make demands as publicly narrated by him? When was the last time Odetayo paid a visit to the state’s powerhouse? Is the Rector not superior to the Vice-Chancellor? If Odetayo isn’t willing to revere his employer in the same way that Yorubas do to their deities, he won’t be able to continue in his role as Rector.

Governor Adeleke through JUSUN has allegedly shut down courts. Sacked Obas are unable to go to court even if they so choose. Adeleke continued to padlock wells and offered them spiced cow flesh simulatenously. Was Ademola or Akadiri the previous opposition party chairman, if Famodun was? Eventhough I have a sympathy for the deposed Obas, how would I counsel them to give up their crowns, put some family members in minibuses, and travel to Ede, the state powerhouse, to ask for forgiveness? Since Adeleke’s government began, the only thing that seems to have made a significant impact, to my knowledge, is prostration.

Adeleke is hardly the only governor who came into office amid disputes over monarchy. Aregbesola was also an inheritor in 2010. According to rumors, Oba Jimoh Olanipekun, the present Ataoja of Osogbo, almost lost his seat on the throne after Olagunsoye Oyinlola was removed by the Appeal Court. Over five cases were filed against the procedures that elevated Oba Olanipekun to the throne. In fact, a court application was brought against him by the Larooye ruling house. Oyinlola granted Oba Olanipekun the title of king and official position against the preferences of the Osogbo people in general. Tajudeen Oladipupo and Teslim Igbalaye, the former chairman of ALGON and current SSG, provided assistance to him. The PDP, according to Oba Jimoh Olanipekun in a viral video, made him king. When Oba Jimoh Olanipekun said so, he was not bluffing.

Everyone was shocked to learn that Aregbesola retained Oba Jimoh Olanipekun. He resisted the need to be consumed by power. He didn’t fear the monarch; instead, he wanted to preserve customs and avoid using people to make fun of the throne. Aregbesola would have prevailed if he had removed him since he was so damn popular at the time. Even after the terrifying incidents and the acrimonious exchange between Oyinlola and Aregbesola, Oba Jimoh Olanipekun remained in place. Aregbesola chose to settle disputes behind closed doors and dismissed certain legal matters.

Lastly, Adeleke appears to have established himself as the occupant of two positions in this administration. He has entirely removed the judiciary’s role in state matters. Regretfully, many involved in the state, including the legislature—which is known as the house of the people—have not expressed a definite dissatisfaction with it. The three branches of government have been taken by Governor Adeleke, who has established himself as the only official in the state. In matters intended to be interpreted by state courts, he is serving in the capacities of chief judge and governor. There are many who assert that he appointed a puppet to the position of Speaker of the State House of Assembly, which is primarily composed of young individuals lacking absolute legislative experience. While I hope Obas have successes on their next sojourn, I beg to ask for others, who will feed Governor Adeleke palm oil? 

I hope researchers find my positions during a period of Osun’s debility worthy, if they have any cause to look into why Osun will eventually become obsolete if no one supplies Governor Adeleke palm oil.

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