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Six Countries Where Sun Doesn’t Set


Jan 30, 2024

In certain parts of the world such as Norway, Canada, Iceland, and Finland, a fascinating phenomenon occurs where the sun stays continuously above or below the horizon for extended periods due to their proximity to the Arctic Circle.

ADULAWO News reports this unique occurrence results in distinct patterns of daylight and darkness, significantly shaping the lifestyles and activities of the residents throughout the year.

Here are six countries where the sun doesn’t set, you should know:
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The country is located within the Arctic Circle and earns the moniker “Land of the Midnight Sun” where the sun remains visible from May to late July without setting, for 76 days.
In Svalbard, Norway, the sun shines uninterrupted from April 10 to August 23, making it Europe’s northernmost inhabited area.

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Nunavut, Canada

Located around two degrees above the Arctic Circle, in the Northwest Territories of Canada, the region experiences approximately two months of continuous sunlight.

Located in Europe and renowned for being the continent’s second-largest island after Great Britain, Iceland is notable for its absence of mosquitoes. During summer, the country experiences remarkably bright nights, with the sun never setting throughout June.
Barrow, Alaska
In this region, the sun remains above the horizon from late May until late July, resulting in continuous daylight. Conversely, from early November, the sun does not rise for 30 consecutive days, marking the onset of the polar night. During this period, the country experiences absolute darkness, characteristic of winter in the region.
The country experiences constant sunshine for up to six months annually. From early May until the end of August, the sun sets at midnight only to rise again by 4 am.
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During summertime, many parts of Finland witness 73 consecutive days without experiencing a sunset. Conversely, in winter, the region is devoid of sunlight. Consequently, residents adjust their sleep patterns, sleeping more during winter due to prolonged darkness and less in summer owing to the continuous sunlight.

Credit (The Nation )

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