NiMet Warns Asthma Patients, Others Over Three-Day Dusty Haze


Feb 19, 2024

The Nigerian Meteorological Agency, NiMet, has predicted haziness and cloudiness across the country from Monday to Wednesday.

ADULAWO News reports that the agency warned people with respiratory issues among others to be cautious of the weather and wear masks.

NiMet’s weather outlook released on Sunday in Abuja forecasts moderate dust haze with a horizontal visibility range of 2km to 5km over the northern and north-central states.
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The statement reads, “Except Benue, Kogi, and Kwara, where patches of cloud in the hazy atmosphere are anticipated. Patches of clouds are expected over the Inland of the South throughout the forecast period.

“Patches of clouds are expected over the coast in the morning, with chances of isolated thunderstorms over parts of Edo, Ondo, Ogun, Lagos, Delta, Rivers, and Bayelsa states during the afternoon and evening hours,” it said.

According to NiMet, moderate dust haze with a horizontal visibility range of 2km to 5km is expected over the northern and north-central regions on Tuesday.

Except in Kwara, Benue, and Kogi, patches of clouds in a hazy atmosphere were anticipated.
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“Patches of clouds are expected in the morning over the Inland of the South and the Coast.

“Later in the day, isolated thunderstorms are expected over parts of Ondo, Oyo, Ogun, Ekiti, Osun, Edo, Imo, Enugu, Lagos, Delta, Rivers, and Bayelsa states,” it said.

The agency envisaged a slight dust haze over the northern region on Wednesday.

It forecast patches of cloud in a hazy atmosphere over the north-central region except over parts of Plateau, Kwara, Benue, and Kogi states, where isolated thunderstorms were expected later in the day.

NiMet envisaged patches of clouds over the inland of the South and the Coast in the morning, with prospects of isolated thunderstorms.

“(This will be) over parts of Enugu, Ebonyi, Imo, Edo, Oyo, Ondo, Lagos, Bayelsa, Rivers, Cross River, Akwa Ibom, and Delta states later in the day,” it added.
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The agency advised people with respiratory issues to wear face masks where possible.

“People with respiratory issues should be cautious of the present weather situation. Children and the elderly should wear warm clothing at night.

“Special attention should be paid to your skin, eyes, and lips. Moisturise your skin and lips as much as possible,” the statement.
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It also advised airline operators to obtain updated weather reports and forecasts from NiMet for effective planning in their operations.


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