ONDO 2024: I Will Shortchange Ondo South – Aiyedatiwa


Feb 25, 2024

– says nobody wants to be governor for one year

In a chat with CTV immediately after the remains of Akeredolu was committed to mother earth, The governor of Ondo State, Lucky Aiyedatiwa, has declared that he would run for the seat of the Governor of Ondo State, as the constitution allows him to so do, notwithstanding that he would only spend four years, as he cannot swear to an oath for the seat of the Governor more than two times.

The first oath he sworn into to complete the remaining 14 months tenure of Akeredolu on 27 December, 2023 dictates that he can only run for one more term of four years, as constitutionally provided.

The major implication of Aiyedatiwa’s pursuit of his ambition is that the Ondo South senatorial district, that is almost unanimously expected to produce the next governor of Ondo State, would have the possibility of their predictable two terms of eight years reduced to one term of four years.

Opinions are strong that the zone would not forfeit its deductive privilege of representation on the altar of a selfish individual, who is not appreciative of the fact that providence made him governor, in the first place, due to the death of his former principal, and also in spite of the intrigues made at removing him through impeachment then. Politicians in the zone who pleaded for anonymity were of the view that they would centralize the interest of the zone, far above that of the Governor.

Observers are also of the opinion that the insatiable dispositions of Aiyedatiwa with the providential “one year” he dismissed shows how desperate he was, as widely rumoured, that he had always had the desire to realise his gubernatorial ambition faster through the death of Akeredolu.

Following the burial of Akeredolu yesterday, the political space in Ondo State would be fully activated, as the clock ticks down to the primary of APC in April.

Only time will tell whether Aiyedatiwa would have his way, or whether the wish of his people will prevail.

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