Providence And Its Limits


Feb 25, 2024

Everything in life is a product of providence, often referred to atimes as Destiny. Destiny can never be changed , so whatever has been given to an individual as his pathway in life can not be changed at all.

These are reasons why when God who gives power does it, no one can ultimately question it. With what has happened in Ondo State of Nigeria since December 2023, it is providence – a product of Destiny that has reigned.

While providence is also known in some heights and zenith as Luck, it is not mutually exclusive. For providence and luck to work and deliver results, the bearer whose contention for a shared prosperity is made to run in a contest with other eggheads who may wish to defeat the title to him because of providence and ‘sheer’ luck.

However, that is not earned on a platter of gold, especially if it’s one in which other elephants in the same jungle are well knitted and prepared to also run and slug it out to take.

The place of being the leader of the jungle is not earned by sheer luck or providence. It takes sweat, passion, compassion, experience, and years of sacrifice and deference to the slain master who has believed in the capacity of the other elephants to competently contribute their own quota to the success and expansion of the jungle.

In many cases, it may not be the turn of the Master’s Chief Servant to take the gauntlet after the Master’s departure. In fact, not all lieutenants are capable and competent enough to lead. This is because the position of leadership may not be by providence alone but by luck.

As the greater number of animals in the same jungle look up to present a worthy representative for the bigger meat, which is nine moon stripes away, it is pertinent to know which is the real shaff from the rice.

The rest of the animals in the broom jungle, the big elephant, and the most experienced is here for you, ready to bring the greatest title and the gauntlet home.

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