Six Ways To Pass WAEC Exams


Mar 18, 2024

Are you looking forward to taking WAEC SSCE in 2024? If it is your dream to smile your way to a desired tertiary institution with amazing results, you’re in the right place.
The West African Examination Council (WAEC) is an institution that conducts the West African Senior Secondary School Certificate Examination (WASSCE) – a final year exam for Secondary School leavers.

The following are six important tips to help you pass your WAEC exams:

Know the syllabus
There is always a syllabus for every WAEC exam. You must Familiarise yourself with it. In it, you’ll find all the necessary textbooks and topics you should know.

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Compare the syllabus with what you have in your school notes and identify if there are any gaps. That way, you’ve prepared yourself against any surprising shocker from possible strange questions.

Have a study plan

You must plan for your examination. This helps you deal with anxiety. Before examination draws nearer you must have identified subjects that easily sink into you and the ones you are having difficulty with. It is even possible not to have issues with any subject. Yes, you can be the master in all.

Regardless of the category you fall into, you must discipline yourself, get serious, and create a plan like a timetable with each subject including the time you intend to read or study each. Don’t blur the lines between your study plan and something else; it is a guide for you to excel.
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Start studying early
Unless you have a different plan from what we’re planning for you, you should study early. Just joking, I’m sure you aim to excel. So, don’t give yourself an excuse for not studying, probably because of school work or extra lessons.

Again, for you to conquer exam anxiety, you should start reading early; start writing down major points or short notes to revise what you’ve read. This style helps many people including myself. You’ll be able to comprehend more topics very well.

Trial exam
How about a trial exam to know how well you understand each subject? Yes, it’s very important. When you acquaint yourself with past questions, you will learn time management and your strong and weak areas.
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You have to treat it as the exact examination and prepare your mind for it. You may even get a strict face among your siblings to invigilate. If you constantly adhere to this, you’ll be more relaxed and looking forward to WASSCE.

Seek help
It’s normal to find some topics difficult. Yes, but what is not normal is refusing to ask for help. It could be your teacher, classmate, or your tutor. From there, you have a clearer picture on what you’re not getting right.

Take a rest
Once you’re convinced, make sure you take a rest in between your studies. It is not good enough to overwhelm yourself with multiple tasks without any gain. Let there be a gap in your schedule because if you don’t embrace rest, it can cause fatigue which can affect your mental preparedness.

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