Osun On The Right Path Of Governor Adeleke’s Rebuilding Efforts

Gov Adeleke Is Committed To Osun Development – Olawale Rasheed


Apr 1, 2024

Governor Ademola Adeleke is administering Osun state with a people centric approach and with an eye on good legacies rather than material acquisition, his Spokesperson, Mallam Olawale Rasheed has declared.

Speaking on Diamond FM programme, Enun Onikan, Mallam Rasheed debunked what he called “several lies and untruths being peddled by the opposition in the state”, declaring that “Mr Governor is delivering so well across the sectors.

“ The opposition APC and their operatives are simply overwhelmed by the superlative performance of Mr Governor, hence their resorting to bare faced lies and untruths . Unfortunately, the more the lies, the more the unpopularity of the opposition among the people.

“ Let me point out that no member of the Adeleke family is a contractor with the Osun State Government. Neither our revered leader, Dr Deji Adeleke nor the global music icon, David Adeleke, is involved in the Osun contract. It is a lie from the pit of hell to say Pacific Holding is involved in the borehole project in Osun.

“ The companies handling major projects in Osun have been published and nowhere is any Adeleke owned company listed as a contractor. If only those agents of fake news know how much God has materially blessed the Adeleke family, they will not dare level such evil, baseless allegations”, Mr Rasheed said in response to questions.

Speaking on several attacks from the opposition on ongoing infrastructure programmes of the state government, Mallam Rasheed posited that the opposition is pained that Governor Adeleke is succeeding where it failed, stressing that “ whatever the discomfiture the opposition may be experiencing, Mr Governor is delivering good governance in Osun State.

“ As of today in Osun, Mr. Governor is delivering on physical and stomach infrastructure. Food distribution has commenced statewide. Infrastructure projects are ongoing statewide. Like the CEO of the News Agency of Nigeria recently put it, Osun is a huge construction site.

“ Complete renovation of several schools, primary healthcare centres and construction of flyover bridges as well as road dualisation are ongoing. Despite the high cost of construction materials, the administration innovates to construct without disruption.

“ Mr Governor at the same time is continuing the payment of half salary and pension debt inherited from the previous government. The administration is paying salary as at when due while wage award is going on at the same time. The opposition is dazed with this speedy delivery by Mr Governor, hence recent rantings and tantrums.

“ But the good thing is that Osun is a very enlightened society. Our people know that the current government is doing its best, delivering where the previous government failed. Our people know lies from the truth.

“ The public also have their own approval rating of Mr. Governor. We all know no government in the world can have a 100 percent approval rating. People claimed Mr Governor’s approval rating is 90 percent but our review is around 80 percent. The 20 percent is an area Mr Governor is working to attend to

On reports that boreholes sunk in phase one of the infra plan are no longer working, Mallam Rasheed debunked the claims, clarifying that there is a ward management committee managing each borehole and that the boreholes are working statewide.

On the issue of food inflation and food security, Mallam Rasheed told the audience that Mr Governor through the Ministry of Agriculture is implementing measures to support farmers ahead of the raining season, listing plans on cocoa and cashew revitalization plan, access to tractors and security steps to secure farms for farming activities.

On the issue of Youth unemployment, Mallam Rasheed described it as a national problem on which both the state and the Federal Government are working to improve ease of doing business to deepen the capacity of the private sector to employ.

On food inflation, he listed the expected report of the food security committee as containing many measures to curb local food inflation even as he noted that the inflationary crisis is a national task which is receiving attention from the Federal Government.

Mallam Rasheed repeated the Easter message of Mr Governor in which the Governor highlighted his resolve to forge ahead with delivery of good governance within the context of rule of law and fear of God.

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