Multichoice Announces Price Hike For DStv, GOtv Subscribers


Apr 24, 2024

In a move that is set to spark outrage among Nigerians, Multichoice Nigeria, the owners of popular cable TV services DStv and GOtv, has announced a significant price increase for its monthly subscription bouquets. The new price list, which takes effect on May 1, 2024, shows a staggering increase of over 25% for some packages.

The highest bouquet on DStv, Compact Plus, will now cost a whopping ₦37,000 per month, up from ₦29,500, while the highest package on GOtv, Supa Plus, will now cost ₦15,700 per month, up from ₦12,500.

This is the fourth price hike in less than a year, and it comes at a time when Nigerians are already struggling to cope with the rising cost of living. The removal of fuel subsidies and the subsequent hike in fuel prices, combined with the weakening of the naira, has led to a surge in inflation and a decline in the purchasing power of Nigerians.

The price increase is set to further burden Nigerians who are already struggling to make ends meet. With the cost of basic commodities like food, transportation, and housing already skyrocketing, many are wondering how they will be able to afford the luxury of cable TV.

Multichoice Nigeria has yet to comment on the price hike, but sources within the company confirm that it is a result of the increasing cost of operations and the need to remain competitive in a challenging economic environment.

Whatever the reason, one thing is clear: Nigerians are in for a tough time, and the price hike is set to spark a fresh wave of outrage and discontent among consumers.

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