No Biblical Prophet Monogamous, Oshoffa’s Son Defends Celestial Church Founder’s 13 Wives


Apr 28, 2024

Olatosho Oshoffa, the 20th child of Bilewu Oshoffa, the founder of Celestial Church of Christ, Worldwide, has opened up about some controversial issues surrounding the church and its founder.

Speaking during an interview with The Punch, Olatosho said that polygamy is not forbidden in the church.

He explained that the church does not have a law which stops a man from marrying more than one wife

According to him, “Based on this, anyone who desires to marry only one wife is allowed to do so. The church allows it. In the same way, the church does not have a law that binds a clergy to have only one wife. So you have a freedom.

“Maybe in the future, there will be a law that will bind us to have only one wife, but as of today, there is no law that binds a shepherd or prophet in CCC to marry only one way.”

When asked if this means that polygamy is not forbidden among the shepherds in CCC, he replied, “As of today, to be frank, polygamy is not forbidden among the clergies, the shepherds, or pastors in CCC. Tomorrow, there may be a law if God says so. But as of today, no law forbids polygamy in CCC.”

Olatosho also disclosed that his deceased father had 13 wives and 53 children during his lifetime.

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