Prince Harry Visits Wounded Soldiers in Kaduna Military Hospital


May 11, 2024

Prince Harry, the Duke of Sussex, paid a heartfelt visit to wounded soldiers at the Adun Military Hospital, showing his support and appreciation for their service and sacrifices. During his visit, Prince Harry met with the soldiers, listening to their stories and offering words of encouragement and comfort.

This visit is a testament to Prince Harry’s long-standing commitment to supporting military personnel and veterans, and his dedication to recognizing their bravery and sacrifices. The prince’s presence brought joy and inspiration to the soldiers, and his compassion and empathy were deeply felt by all.

The visit was a private one, with Prince Harry taking the time to connect with each soldier individually, learning about their experiences and challenges. His kindness and compassion were palpable, and his visit was a reminder of the importance of supporting those who serve their country.

The Adun Military Hospital staff and patients were deeply grateful for Prince Harry’s visit, which brought a sense of hope and upliftment to the hospital. His dedication to supporting military personnel and veterans is a shining example of his character and commitment to service.

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