Land Dispute Between Osun, Oyo Communities Turns Deadly, One Student Killed, Several Injured


May 18, 2024

A long-standing land dispute between the Osun and Oyo communities turned violent, resulting in the death of a student and the destruction of homes. On Tuesday, May 7, 2024, between 6 a.m. and 7 a.m., some thugs from Offa-Igbo attacked farmers at Paku village, killing a student, Toheeb Adewale, and injuring others. The attackers also razed houses in Paku village.

Toheeb Adewale, a student of Al-Ummah College of Education, Iwo, was killed in the attack. His father, Olalekan Jelil, confirmed his death, saying, “Toheeb was killed on the farm. He went to harvest palm kernel at the farm at Paku village.” A resident of Paku village, who spoke anonymously, said, “After attacking the people on the farm, those thugs also entered our village to attack us in their usual way. They have killed one of us, Toheeb, and they injured many people. They also burnt our houses. They retreated to Offa after that.”

The community head, Chief Isiaka Akinronbi, accused Prince Akeem Adeboye, the son of the late Olofa of Offa-Igbo, Oba Adeboye Salako Sinade, of masterminding the attack. Akinronbi claimed that Adeboye had been terrorizing the community for seven months, and that Oluwo had been advising them not to fight back. However, Adeboye denied the allegation, stating that it was the Paku villagers who attacked his farm and killed two guards working there.

Akinronbi said, “We went to harvest our palm kernel on the 4th, 5th, and 6th of this month. When we returned to the farm on the 7th, we discovered that some parts of our land had been pegged after measurement. We destroyed the pegs and continued our work. Not quite long, some thugs from Offa-Igbo stormed our farms. They started shooting at us, and we all scampered for safety. We were about eight on the farm. The thugs were allegedly led by Akeem Adeboye Salako, we call him Aremo Olofa. I discovered that one person was missing among us, so we returned to the farm when the dust had settled. We met the corpse of Toheeb on the ground. I called his father to inform him, and we reported the case to the police at Iwo Divisional Police headquarters. We were directed to the State Criminal Investigations Department in Osogbo from there. We also reported to Oluwo, who advised that we report the case at Zone 11. Among the eight of us who went to the farm, one person was killed, two sustained gunshot injuries, while another person was catapulted in the eye. That Akeem has been allegedly terrorizing us for the past seven months. Oluwo had been prevailing on us not to fight, and we have taken the matter to court.”

Akinronbi, through his lawyer, Mr. Yemi Abolusodun, has petitioned the Assistant Inspector General of Police, Zone 11. The petition reads, “Akeem Adeboye has become a serious security threat to Oke-Oba Community at large, and there is a need to act as fast as possible. If not quickly curbed, Akeem Adeboye may continue to expand his scope by attacking more villages in Oke-Oba under the guise of claiming land for Offa Igbo, as he seems to believe that he is too big to bow for the law.”

Adeboye claimed that his life was under threat because the community head of Papa village, Chief Ademola Adegoke, was after his life. He said, “All the allegations against me are not true; those alleging me are the real criminals. I am not a thug, nor lout. I am a law-abiding citizen. I can’t recognise these people wagging war against me. We have been on this case for about two years. Those people have been making moves to kill me since last year, but God has been protecting me. Last Sunday, I got intelligence report that I should not go to the farm; I was told the Baale of Papa village had mobilised members of Jama’atu Ta’awunil Muslimeen group and Amotekun corps to my farm at Arikuoko. I called the Fulani herder, Soliu, who was working for me at the farm to brief him, I told him to be safe. Around 6:19 pm, I received another call; the person told me that the Baale of Papa village was the one leading the attackers to my farm and had shown them strategic areas to hide. He said they would be coming the following day; Monday, in the morning. On Monday

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