Bishop Asks Govt To Recognize Pentecost Day As Public Holiday, Condemns FG ₦90 Billion Hajj Subsidy


May 20, 2024

A Cleric, Bishop Mike Bamidele has asked the government to recognize Pentecost Day as a public holiday.

Bamidele argued that recognizing Pentecost Day as a public holiday would promote religious harmony and balance in the country.

He pointed out that during Aregbesola government he declared public holidays for Islamic celebrations and traditionalist such as Hijira Day, Isese Day urged the government to extend the same courtesy to Christians.

Bishop Bamidele made the disclosure while speaking with journalists a packed congregation at the church’s annual Pentecost Day, in Osogbo on Monday.

ADULAWO NEWS reports that the bishop’s call has been supported by many Christians in Nigeria, who feel that their religious beliefs and practices are often marginalized by the government. They argue that recognizing Pentecost Day as a public holiday would be a step towards promoting religious inclusivity and equality in the country.

He also condemned Federal Government N90 billion 2024 Hajj subsidy, stating that the government should prioritize the welfare of all citizens, regardless of their religious beliefs.

He called on policymakers to prioritize the well-being of the people and urged Christians to speak out against injustices and imbalances in society. He decried the suffering caused by poorly thought-out policies and warned of a people’s revolution if things don’t change.

He cited examples of policies that have disproportionately affected Christian communities, including the lack of recognition for Pentecost Day as a public holiday, despite repeated calls to the government.

“The government needs to recognize that we are all equal citizens, regardless of our religious beliefs,” Bishop Bamidele said. “It’s time for us to speak out against these injustices and demand change. We can’t just sit back and watch our people suffer.”

The Bishop’s message resonated with the congregation, and many were inspired to take action. “We can’t just pray for change, we need to work towards it,” said Mrs. Olufunke Adeyemi, a member of the church. “We need to speak out and demand change.”

The Bishop’s call to action comes at a time when the state government is facing criticism for its handling of religious affairs. Last year, the government declared a week-long holiday for an Islamic celebration, sparking outrage among Christian groups. The government has also been accused of marginalizing Christian appointees in key positions.

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