Insight Initiative Launches Open Local Government Project To Foster Grassroots Development


May 23, 2024

In a bid to foster development at the grassroots level, the Insight Initiative for Community and Social Development has launched the Osun Open Local Government Project.

The innovative project is supported by International partners through the Nigeria Youth Future Funds and LEAP Africa, is designed to promote transparency, accountability, and public engagement in local government administration.

Speaking at a press conference in Osogbo on Thursday, the Executive Director,
Insight Initiative for Community and Social Development, For the OsunOpenLG Project, Mr
Jare Tiamiyu, revealed that the project is four key pillars – accountability, civic engagement, grassroots development, and good governance are aimed at addressing the peculiar challenges facing local governments in the State.

He said, by providing a platform for citizens to engage with their leaders and demand better governance, the project seeks to reposition local governments for greater prosperity.

The statement reads, “by selection of 66 local government advocates, including six people living with disabilities, is a testament to the project’s commitment to inclusion.
These advocates will engage with stakeholders, including political officeholders and the public, to educate, retrieve information, and promote collaboration for grassroots development.

“After a rigorous process, 66 advocates were chosen from 168 applications received, with six of them being people living with disabilities. This demonstrates the project’s dedication to inclusivity and equal opportunities.

“The advocates will undergo intensive training before heading out to the various local government areas to engage with key stakeholders, including political officeholders and citizens. Their primary responsibility will be to educate, gather information, and encourage collaboration between the government and citizens for grassroots development.

“The project also plans to organize a town hall meeting, which will bring together major stakeholders to discuss local government fiscal autonomy and development goals in Osun State. This gathering will provide a platform for citizens to engage with their leaders and demand better governance.

“The Osun Open Local Government Project is a bold step towards promoting responsible leadership and development at the grassroots level. By supporting this initiative, citizens, government officials, and other stakeholders can contribute to the growth and prosperity of Osun State.

“Our project is not to witch-hunt or expose the government negatively but to seek the development of our people through transparency and accountability at the council level.”

ADULAWO NEWS reports that the project’s progress and updates will be shared on social media handles @OsunOpenLG, and journalists can reach out to the Communications Team for further information. The Osun Open Local Government Project is a beacon of hope for grassroots development, and its success will have a positive impact on the lives of citizens in Osun State.

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