Kajola Ajaba Celebrates Otunba Agboola’s Chieftaincy Conferment, Unveils Development Plans


Jun 10, 2024

Otunba Agboola beamed with pride as he was conferred with the prestigious chieftaincy title, Asoludero of Kajola Ajaba, in a colorful ceremony.

His wife, Mrs. Feyisara Agboola, was also honored with the title of Yeye Asoludero, while Mrs. Folakemi Ayodele Agboola was conferred with the title of Erelu Asoludero Kajola Ajaba.

The conferment, which took place at the Owaloja of Kajola Ajaba’s palace, was part of the activities to commemorate the first-year coronation anniversary celebration of the Owaloja.
The event was attended by dignitaries, traditional rulers, and members of the community.

In his acceptance speech, Otunba Agboola described the chieftaincy title as a call to serve more in the community.
He expressed his commitment to dedicating himself to the development of his community, fostering growth, and enhancing the lives of those around him.

“I feel honored and challenged at the same time,” he said. “I have just been scratching the surface. Now, the real work begins. This title is a call for more service for me. I am saddled with more responsibility and more tasks.”

Otunba Agboola unveiled plans to implement various initiatives focused on capability building, human development, and community empowerment.

According to him, “This is just a challenge, conferment of chieftaincy is a call for more service for me. I am saddle with more responsibility and more tasks.

“I am happy and thankful to the Owaloja of Kajola Ajaba for counting me worthy.

“My title is Asoludero, meaning we have to build more things. I have spoken about the importance of capability building and human development it is crucial.

“We are going to implement an Agro scheme where the farmers will be given a push-up to engage in what they know how to do best, and we are going to connect buyers with the producers so that there won’t be a need for middlemen who always take advantage of the farmers.

“There is something will do in Ila-Orangun called ‘Owo Arugbo’, money support for ages which has been a tradition in the Ila community. We are going to extend it to Kajola Ajaba, although it already been implemented there, but specifically we are going to have an office that will take care of all these things.

“Moreover, when it comes to empowerment, we do not believe in just giving people motorcycles, All our constructions in Ila are done by local artisans and builders within the community, which emphasizes capacity building.

“There are other things we are working on by end of the year we are starting a five-star hotel where the people of Ila can work.

“We are focused on capability building, as building an institution without building capacity will hinder its functionality.

“The functionality of an institution depends on the individuals within it having the necessary knowledge and skills; that is why we believe that capacity building is key. he added

Speaking, Mrs Folakemi Ayodele Agboola the Erelu Asoludero thanked almighty God for His grace in her life.

She said, “I’m so happy for today and I thank God for the grace, glory be to God.

The event was attended by dignitaries, traditional rulers, and members of the community.

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